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About Us

Ignite your passion for the arts with our extraordinary non-profit arts business, a true gem in our community!

At the heart of our organization is a deep commitment to supporting and nurturing artists and artisans across all genres. We are a dynamic force, empowering creatives and providing them with a platform to thrive. Our dedication to fostering artistic talent knows no bounds. But we don't stop there. We are also devoted to enriching our community through numerous educational programs and projects. From captivating workshops to innovative initiatives in schools, we believe in the transformative power of the arts. Together, we inspire and educate, creating a brighter future through creative expression.

As the proud custodians of the largest public art collection in the state, we celebrate the beauty of our surroundings through awe-inspiring artistic installations. These place-based programs bring art to life, allowing us to connect with our heritage and forge a deeper appreciation for our community's unique identity. Step inside our breathtaking historic property, spanning an impressive 30,000 square feet. It's a haven for creativity, featuring five captivating art galleries that showcase exceptional talent. Our venue also boasts versatile meeting and event spaces, allowing us to host memorable gatherings infused with artistic flair. Explore our artist studios, where innovation flourishes, and witness the passion firsthand. And don't forget to visit our delightful gift shop, where you'll find one-of-a-kind treasures crafted by local artisans.

Be part of our arts-driven economic development journey, where creativity fuels growth and prosperity. Join us as we transform our community, leveraging the power of the arts to create a vibrant economy that benefits us all. Together, we will make a lasting impact. Immerse yourself in a world of artistic wonders. Embrace the spirit of our multifaceted arts business and become part of a community that champions creativity, inspires minds, and shapes the future. Experience the magic today!

Each year, the Arts Council:

  • Provides support for nine umbrella organizations

  • Hosts over 350 artists across various genres

  • Receives a staggering 90,000+ visitors annually

  • Collaborates with a broad network of community partners to drive initiatives related to heritage enhancement, tourism, education, entertainment, and economic development

  • Secures an average of $100,000 in grants to support community development projects that employ the arts as a tool.

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