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Yoga, Music & Mindfulness - Ages 2-12


Introducing our dynamic and engaging "Yoga, Music & Mindfulness" Yoga Series, tailored exclusively for kids aged 5 to 12. Get ready to embark on a thrilling journey of movement, mindfulness, and fun! Our expert instructors will guide your young ones through a series of interactive yoga sessions, combining energetic poses with imaginative play. Through a blend of creative storytelling, games, and relaxation techniques, children will not only enhance their physical flexibility and coordination but also foster a sense of inner calm and self-awareness. Whether they're soaring like superheroes, exploring the depths of the ocean, or unwinding in a tranquil garden, each class is a delightful adventure that promotes both physical activity and mental well-being. Join us in igniting your child's passion for health, self-expression, and holistic growth through our Youth, Music & Yoga  program.

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