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Welcome to our Artist Opportunities hub, where creativity meets opportunity. Discover a curated selection of grants and programs designed to empower artists like you. Whether you're a painter, musician, writer, or any form of creative expression, this page is your gateway to funding your projects and bringing your artistic vision to life. Explore the range of opportunities available and take a step closer to realizing your artistic dreams.

cARTwheels Grant Program Teaching Artist

cARTwheels, an Arts in Education Grant Program, is recruiting new teaching artists to develop programmatic content that will directly respond to timely and important issues being faced by students and educators in communities across the state. 

View details on the cARTwheels Grant Program Teaching Artist


North Carolina Heritage Awards

Since 1989, the North Carolina Heritage Award has honored our state’s most eminent traditional artists and practitioners. Recipients of the Heritage Awards range from internationally acclaimed musicians to folks who quietly practice their art in family and community settings.
View details on the North Carolina Heritage Awards


Folklife Apprenticeships 

The Folklife Program is partnering with South Arts’ In These Mountains: Central Appalachian Folk Arts & Culture initiative to offer two Folklife Apprenticeships in 2022, 2023, and 2024 to eligible traditional artists in Appalachian Regional Commission counties. Folklife Apprenticeships support an experienced mentor artist and an apprentice for a year-long intensive learning experience in a shared traditional art form. Participants must be 18+. 2023 applications are due April 2, 2023.
View details on the Folklife Apprenticeship.

Odell & Joe Thompson b&w by Mary Anne McDonald.jpg

Folklife and Arts Administration Internship 

A three-month internship for applicants who are undertaking graduate or undergraduate study in folklife or related fields (ethnomusicology, anthropology, history, etc.) or have experience with traditional arts and culture. 2023 applications are due March 5, 2023.
View details on the Folklife Internship.


Artist Support Grants

$500 – $2,000 project grants to artists administered through local arts councils.
Deadlines vary by region.
View details on the Artist Support Grants

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