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Enrichment Program Opportunities

At the Kinston Community Council for the Arts, we deeply believe in nurturing the creative talents and artistic growth of our youth. That's why we have established an enriching suite of programs designed to foster creativity, build skills, and inspire a lifelong love for the arts. Our Traditional Arts Programs in Schools (TAPS) program offers an immersive experience in the world of jazz and choral music, encouraging students to explore their potential and express their unique musical voices. For aspiring pianists, our Keys for Kids program provides accessible private piano lessons, guiding participants from all walks of life on a melodic journey of discovery and mastery. As we continue to grow, our commitment remains steadfast – to expand our offerings and create even more opportunities for youth enrichment, opening the doors to a wide array of artistic experiences that will help shape the creators of tomorrow.

Traditional Arts Programs for Students (TAPS)


Under the umbrella of our enriching TAPS initiative, Kinston Community Council for the Arts proudly offers two distinctive programs that are centered on traditional music – a Chorus section and an Instruments section. Both of these programs meet once a week, providing a consistent, engaging forum for students to delve into the rich tapestry of our region's musical heritage. In the Choral section, students can raise their voices in unison, learning traditional songs under the guidance of accomplished local vocal artists. The Instruments section, on the other hand, puts traditional instruments like the bass, drums, tuba, trumpet, saxophone, and more into the eager hands of our students. We have limited instruments available for use at this time, however, students are welcome to bring their own. They learn traditional tunes directly from master musicians, playing by ear and performing together in small groups. Through TAPS, we're preserving our region's cultural roots and sowing the seeds of musical discovery and creativity for generations to come.

Keys for Kids

At Kinston Community Council for the Arts, we believe in providing transformative experiences through music, and our Keys for Kids program embodies this ethos. Proudly sponsored by renowned musician Ben Folds and the North Carolina Community Arts Council, this initiative offers private piano lessons to children of all backgrounds, reaffirming our commitment to inclusivity and artistic education. Every week, students have the opportunity to learn from experienced piano instructors, exploring the vast landscape of piano music - from the fundamentals to intricate compositions. The journey, however, extends beyond the ivory keys. Our program nurtures an appreciation for the artistry of piano playing, allowing students to find their unique musical voice and express themselves through this beautiful instrument. Through the Keys for Kids program, we're not just teaching piano - we're fostering creativity, confidence, and a lifelong love for music, one note at a time.

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