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Happy Little Artists- Ages 5-12


Welcome to our enchanting Happy Little Artists series, designed to nurture the creativity of budding artists aged 5 to 12 years old. At this stage of discovery, we recognize the importance of fostering a passion for art while nurturing individuality and imagination. Our carefully curated classes provide a canvas for self-expression, exploration, and hands-on learning, all tailored to the unique interests of our young creators. From the captivating strokes of Palette Knife Painting to the intricate world of Fiber Arts and the captivating journey of Pottery, each class is a gateway to inspire, engage, and cultivate a lifelong affinity for the arts. Through these joyful experiences, our young artists embark on a creative journey that builds skills and confidence, all while embracing the pure joy of artistic expression. Join us in shaping their artistic narratives and witnessing the transformative power of imagination come to life. 

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