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Mommy & Me - Ages 0-4

Welcome to our heartwarming Mommy & Me Classes, a unique bonding experience for parents and their little ones. This special series is designed to foster creativity, connection, and cherished memories between caregivers and children. Join us as we embark on imaginative journeys through various artistic activities, from collaborative painting to joyful movement. Through shared exploration and playful interactions, both adults and children will create lasting masterpieces and moments of joy together. Our Mommy & Me Classes provide a nurturing environment where love, laughter, and artistic expression come together, strengthening the bond between parent and child. Discover the magic of shared creativity and join us in celebrating the beauty of this precious connection. 



Engage in interactive activities and nurturing moments with your child in our Mommy & Me Move class, designed to promote fun and connection through creative movement experiences.

Ages 0-4

Classes are scheduled every Wednesday from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM, with the flexibility to choose your preferred date(s) below. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. Each class is priced at $10.


Mommy & Me Paint Date

Unleash creativity with a splash of color at our "Mommy and Me Paint Date," designed especially for little ones aged 1-4 and their caregivers. This class isn't just about making art—it's about making memories. Each session is a playful adventure into the world of painting where you and your tiny artist will explore vibrant colors, discover new textures, and express your imaginations.

Our environment is non-judgmental, mess-friendly, and perfect for helping develop your child’s sensory and motor skills. While they learn to grasp and control brushes, they'll also learn the magic of colors and the joy of creating something from the heart. It's a beautiful way to bond, create, and spend quality time with your child in a warm, welcoming setting. $10 per child

March 6, 2024 / 10:30-11:30 AM


Coming Soon

Stay tuned for exciting new additions to our Mommy & Me class lineup, offering even more opportunities for you and your child to bond, create, and explore together. Keep an eye out for upcoming classes that will spark joy and foster lasting memories.

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